1. riseofthecommonwoodpile said: hey i'm trying to download GHS and datpiff is saying that a zip file of the mixtape hasn't been generated yet? idk it's weird i've never had that problem downloading from datpiff before

    Odd. I searched for the problem, and people have left comments along those lines on mixtapes, but there’s nothing about it from datpiff itself, so I just uploaded a zip to MediaFire so anyone who wants to download it before the zip is generated can do so.

    Download here.


  2. I just remembered a white friend insisting that rappers referring to “choppers” meant knives.

  3. steviemcfly:

    After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to put out God Hates Swag. I’m hard at work on a new mixtape featuring production from P On The Boards (A$AP Mob’s Bath Salt, A$AP Ferg’s Dump Dump) and A$AP Ty Beats (A$AP Rocky’s Peso among others), but until that’s ready to go, I figured I might as well give you what I made last year. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign, I hope you all like it, and you’ll love what’s coming next.

    Download the tape here.


  4. shmurdapunk:

    Why do nerds always talk about women not having to register for the draft like they have at any time ever been in danger of being drafted to fight a war

    Seriously. There hasn’t been a draft in damn near fifty years, nobody’s trying to make one happen now, and women weren’t allowed in combat roles until like a year ago.


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    "A Change Is Gonna Come" was released by American R&B singer-songwriter Sam Cooke in 1964 as the seventh track on his 13th studio album "Ain’t That Good News" through RCA Victor Records. It was written by Sam Cooke. The song peaked at number 31 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

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  6. xorecklesslyyoung:

    No Flex Zone Remix x Nicki Minaj

    "but if you’re ugly it’s a no text zone, it’s a no sex zone, it’s a no flex zone"

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  7. The number one group of investors in independent film are dentists. They’re at an income level where they’re less likely to have a significant amount of investment, but enough that they’d rather have money tied up in a film and possibly make money off it than pay it in taxes. If a film takes a loss, all they’re out is their initial investment, which can be deducted from their taxes. If it profits, they profit and can either reinvest the profits in other films or in stocks (income from which is taxed at a lower rate) or just pay taxes on it and take what’s left as extra income.

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    Young or Old, Male or Female, Rich or Poor; if you’re Black you’re under attack.

    Jesus smh I am so tired man

    I’m honestly so done

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  9. "She [Blue] does like her mother’s music—she watches [Beyoncé’s concerts] on the computer every night. But my album came out and I don’t know if Blue ever heard any of my music prior to this album—she’s only 18 months old and I don’t play my music around the house. But this album was new, so we played it. And she loves all the songs. She plays a song and she goes, ‘More, Daddy, more … Daddy song.’ She’s my biggest fan. If no one bought the “Magna Carta”, the fact that she loves it so much, it gives me the greatest joy. And that’s not like a cliché. I’m really serious. Just to see her—‘Daddy song, more, Daddy.’ She’s genuine, she’s honest, because she doesn’t know it makes me happy. She just wants to hear it."

    - Jay Z
    Vanity Fair, October 2013 (x)

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  10. shmurdapunk:

    From the rip, thug kitchen was obviously written by someone who watched malibu’s most wanted and thought “yo, I got an idea homeskillet”